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Vandenberg SFB Rod & Gun Club

Club Location

Building 1521 (At the end of Taco Road off 35th Street)
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Secured Gate Entrance

The gate entrance to the club is open only during the scheduled hours of business. The gate is closed for all other hours and is accessible only to paid members via gate entry code.

Club Phone Number

(805) 606-4560

Club Shipping Address

Vandenberg Rod & Gun Club
Taco Rd., Bldg. # 1521
Vandenberg SFB, CA 93437

Club Email Address


Club Membership Info

The Vandenberg SFB Rod & Gun Club is a membership club and is open to all active duty, retired, reserve military and their dependents, as well as DoD civilians and Vandenberg SFB contractors. Membership is valid for one calendar year from the date of application.

Apply for membership at the Club only.

Membership & Use Fees:
(As April 13, 2020)
Military: $65.00
DOD or Gov. Service: $90.00
VSFB Contractors: $100.00
Member's Guest Day Use: $10.00
(All guests must sign in and pay before proceeding to ranges, event/trap & skeet price not included. Sponsor member is responsible for all guest actions.)

Guest Info

Club members are allowed to bring/escort non-DOD/Military guest to the club without prior Club approval. All guest must be registered at the main gate before entry.

Non-Military/Non-DOD Guest desiring to participate in weekend competitions must have a sponsor. Sponsored guest are required to enter the base through the Main Gate at Highway 1 and California Blvd. on the day of the event. Non escorted guest may travel only to the Club and upon completion of the event shall immediately exit the base through any controlled gated exits.

Club Rental Equipment

The pro shop offers rental 12 gauge shotguns for trap and skeet, .22 caliber rifles, and recurve bow and arrow sets for member and guest use. Rentals are by the hour and are for Rod & Gun range use only. Rentals are a low as $8.00 with ammunition.

Club Rental Areas

The Rod & Gun club has two meeting areas for rent inside with a full kitchen and a BBQ area out back for your next get-together. Fees are $35.00 for up to four hours and $60.00 for up to eight hours for each area used.

Club Shooting Ranges


The Club provides three shooting ranges available for a variety of shooters. These include both 25 and 50 yard ranges for pistol and small caliber rifles and a 100 meter range for high powered rifles. The only rifle caliber prohibited from the club's ranges is the 50BMG. Stationary Target Safety Rules

Attention! All rifle and handgun ranges are closed every Thursday. Only shotgun shooting is allowed on Thursdays.

No weapon shall be fired in fully automatic mode or simulated automatic with the use of any accessory. You will be kicked off the range if caught firing any weapon full auto.

Paper targets only shall be used (except for certain organized and controlled shooting activities). Mount the paper targets so that the bullets will strike and impact on the earthen berm and not on wood posts or target supports. Targets are available for purchase inside the store.


Trap and Skeet Fields are open 5 days a week during store hours only. Both fields must be cleared 1 hour before store closing. Cost for rounds are $3.50 each for members and $5.00 each for guests. Trap & Skeet Field Rules

Organized Shotgun Shoots

Trap & Skeet: Shooting clays with shotguns. Every Wednesday and Friday: 0830-1530

Specialty Shotgun

Five Stand—Shoot clays at 5 different rotating stations. Every 2nd Saturday: 0900

Sporting Clays: "Golf with a Shotgun" Simulates the unpredictability of live-quarry shooting, offering a great variety of trajectories, angles, speeds, elevations, distances, and target sizes. Every 4th Sunday: 0800

Event Member Guest
Skeet & Trap $5.00 $7.00
Specialty Shotgun $15.00 101 Targets
Five Stand $7.00 $8.00
Sporting Clays $35-$42 $45-$54
Sporting Clays (17/under) $25.00 $25.00

Organized Pistol & Rifle Shoots

First Saturday - Pistol Silhouettes 0830
Second Saturday - Bowling Pins 0830
Third Saturday - Fun Shoot 0900
Other Occasional Shoots
3 Gun Shoot
Steel Challenge
Gallery Shoot
Each competition event: $5.00

Club OI and Rules


Indoor Archery & Air Gun Range

The indoor Archery and Air Gun Range is open 5 days a week during store hours only.

Outdoor Archery Range

The Outdoor Archery Range is open to members 7 days a week, sunrise to sunset.

Club Resale Store

The store offers a wide variety of items for sale including ammunition, hunting accessories, reloading components and targets for sale. The store also offers special order program for items not usually stocked. Stop by and see the staff and they will do their best to get whatever you need for the shooting event you are interested in.

Firearm Purchase/Transfer

DROS $43
FFL each use $30
Gun Transfers: One firearm $30, each additional firearm $10

***California approved firearms may be purchased and shipped to the Vandenberg AFB Rod and Gun Club. Guidelines must be followed or the firearm you purchased may have to be returned to the seller. The Club is not responsible for paying for the return of any unauthorized weapons.

  • It is the buyer's responsibility to ensure the firearm is legal for the state of California. Click here and verify!
  • Once the firearm is verified legal in the state of California and the seller agrees to ship to California, contact the Club and provide the required seller/FFL dealer information. Note: UPS is strongly recommended to ship all weapons to the Club.
  • The club will contact the seller and or provide appropriate FFL documentation to the seller/dealer.
  • Once the weapon arrives at the club, the buyer must come to the Club store to file the required forms. There is 10 day waiting period before a weapon can be turned over to the buyer.

Out of State Ammo Purchase and Shipment

Ammo may be purchased from vendors out of state and shipped to the Club. Most suppliers have an FFL, but if not, contact the club store manager. The club can email a copy of the FFL permit to authorize the shipment from out of the state. There is a $5.00 club processing fee plus current state fee ($1 or $19).

It's your club - Take care of it

Don't be an abuser of very basic and commonsense membership privileges.

  • Harvested Game Butcher Area: Always cleanup before you leave. Do not steal! Never take anything out that you did not bring in. Always dispose your garbage in the appropriate outside trash bins south of the store, not the recycle bins. Ensure the cooler door is closed before you leave.
  • Shooting Areas: Always police your brass or shells before you leave. Properly dispose of any trash or  target debris you created on the shooting ranges.

Basic Rule - Always leave area cleaner than when you arrived.

Our Facility:

gun club store

gun club kitchen

Meeting Room 1
gun club meeting room 1

Meeting Room 2
gun club meeting room 2