Hiking Trails at Vandenberg AFB

Here are some hiking trails I have mapped out and hiked. I won't list any trail that I have not personally verified. I will continue to add new trails periodically. I hope to cross path with other hikers on these trails occasionally.

The difficulty level score is based on the NW Hiker evaluation website and consists of scoring levels from 0 (easy) to 28 (extreme).

If you have any VAFB hiking trails you would like to include on this page, please send an email with details to: Dave Gray

Happy hiking,
Dave Gray

ATTENTION: Some locations requires traveling through cattle gates. Always leave the cattle gate in the position that you encountered it. The gate will either be open or closed. Failure to follow this instruction will result in area closure.

ID Cards: At least one in the party should have a military ID card when entering an area that is not gated with entry personnel. Non-military/DOD civilians must have a military ID sponsor and shall obtain a base pass at the Main Gate ID processing center to enter gated areas.

Deer Hunting Season: It is best to avoid hiking on VAFB during the deer hunting season. If you do, for your own safety you must wear a blaze orange vest and hat.

Wildlife: There is a variety of wildlife on VAFB. The most dangerous animal to watch out for is the rattlesnake. Although there are mountain lions on base, they are rarely seen during the daytime.  

Outdoor Locator Card (OLC): When hiking on VAFB, you should always place a visible filled-out OLC on the vehicle dashboard. To use a OLC continuously, you may laminate it and use a dry eraser. You may obtain a ready-made laminated OLC at the Conservation Law Enforcement Office (CLEO) located on S. Dakota Ave. between the theater and dental clinic (MAP).

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If you see this sign, it’s your warning to stay on the trail until you see the next sign at the boundary zone.

From Highway 1, exit to Mountain View Blvd. Turn onto Carob St. and park in the parking lot at the old unused building (school?).

This is a nice family hike if the children can endure 4.5 miles. The path is partly a firebreak and mostly an old jeep trail taking you through manzanita shrubs and open fields. You'll pass through two cattle fence gates too. Watch out for poison oak along the trail. Hike either direction.

WARING: Starting at the trail head, it is imperative to stay on the trail from that point up to the second mile marker shown on the map. Do not venture off the trail for any reason within this two-mile section.

Difficulty level: 6, Easy