It has been a pleasure to serve you all for the past 13 years as your webmaster for the Unofficial Vandenberg Space Force Base Rod and Gun Club website. Early March, I will leave California and head east to find a new homestead with whitetail hunting in my backyard. Therefore, I hope someone steps up to the plate and reigns as the new webmaster for this website to continue. As of March 1, 2022, I will not contribute any more information. If no one steps up to continue this website, it will cease when the domain term expires.

Officer Wayne V. Moses
Conservation Law Enforcement Office (CLEO)
30th Security Forces Squadron/S3WS

 (805) 606-6804


Monday-Friday, 0800-1600

Located on South Dakota Ave.
( Between the theater and dental clinic.)

MAP GPS Location 34.744369,-120.540496

Conservation, Management & Enforcement Instructions 30SWI32-7001, 19 April 2021

Privately Owned Firearms Directive

Pick up a new laminated 30 SFS/S3W Form 651 Locater Card. Non-laminated cards are available too. Please, take only one per registered hunting vehicle. You may also download and print the form at the link below.


Download OLC PDF here.

Always dispose of your plastic bagged garbage in the appropriate outside trash bins south of the store, not the recycle bins.

Webmaster Recommended Gun Safe

Urgent News...

VSFB Conservation Officers will not enforce prohibition of hunting in UXO areas.

New updated Conservation, Management & Enforcement Instructions: 30SWI32-7001, 19 April 2021

Recreation Closures

All hunters must use i-Sportsman to register to hunt at VSFB.

Attention: VSFB Base Commander Policy.
"It is the Base Commanders position to suspend your hunting privileges for breaking base hunting rules, state, or federal law. Which means you will not be able to hunt until your case has been heard."

Firearm Safety

Configure/transport firearms accordingly to the hunting area you are in. 30SWI321-218, chapter 7 still applies.

Don't Forget...

To grab the documents you'll need for hunting and fishing. The following documents may be obtained at the Vandenberg SFB Conservation Office.

  • Hunting area maps.

VSFB hunting map - northVSFB hunting map - south
(Large PDF Files)

  • Caution: Maps online above could change without notice or be obsolete prior to webmaster's notice.

All hunters are required to have in possession during all hunting activities the required state and VSFB hunting privilege documentation and the filled out Form 651 Locater Card must be displayed on the vehicle dash where it can be viewed from the outside by LEOs.

California Certified Nonlead Ammo

CA Fish and Wildlife Logo

California Hunter Education Program

Who May Hunt on Base?

Active duty, reserve, and retired military members, DoD civilian employees (includes AAFES and NAF), DoD civilian retirees, and their family members who possess applicable service identification cards as defined in AFI 36-3026V1_IP, Identification Cards for Members of the Uniformed Services, Their Eligible Family Members and Other Eligible Personnel. Sponsored Visitors: Chumash Tribal Members, Lompoc Federal Correctional Complex personnel, VAFB Installation Prime Contractors (defined as a contractor with five or more year term contract and must provide proof of employment from their company), first responders, and visiting guests vetted through the Vandenberg Visitors Center.

Base Annual Hunting Fee

VSFB Hunting Fee shall be paid online via the new iSportsman web-based app. Good for one year from the date of purchase. ($50.00)

Season Dates...

Deer Season 2021

Begins: 10 July at 0528 hrs.
Ends: 1 August at 2032 hrs.

(23 hunting days)

Begins: 14 August at 0551 hrs.
Ends: 26 September at 1930 hrs.
(44 hunting days)

G11 Tags: (200 tags available)
Begins: 30 August at 0633 hrs.
Ends: 1 October at 1915 hrs.
(33 hunting days)

Reminder, all deer hunters must a submit a harvest report, even if you did not harvest a deer. Click here.

2021 Confirmed Deer Harvest

Grand total: 224
Bucks: 161
Does: 58
Spikes: 5

2021 Deer harvest stats here.

Other Game 2020-2021

  • All Year: Coyote, Wild Pig, Jack Rabbit, Ground Squirrel & Eurasian Collared-dove
  • Rabbit: 1 Jul 21 - 30 Jan 22
  • Dove—1st: 1 Sep 21 - 15 Sep 21
  • Quail:  16 Oct 21 - 30 Jan 22
  • Snipe: 16 Oct 21 - 30 Jan 22
  • Duck & Geese: 23 Oct 21 - 31 Jan 22
  • Scaup: 7 Nov 21 - 31 Jan 22
  • Dove—2nd: 13 Nov 21 - 27 Dec 21
  • Wild Turkey: 13 Nov 21 - 12 Dec 21
  • Raccoon: 16 Nov 21 - 31 Mar 22
  • Badger: 16 Nov 21 - 28 Feb 22
  • Gray Fox: 24 Nov 21 - 28 Feb 22
  • Crow: 4 Dec 21 - 6 Apr 22
  • Band-tailed Pigeon—18-26 Dec 21
  • Wild Turkey-Junior: 19-20 Mar 22
  • Wild Turkey: 26 Mar 22 - 1 May 22
  • Wild Turkey-Archery Only: 2-15 May 22
  • Wild Turkey-Junior: 2-15 May 22
  • Bobcat: Closed until further notice

Always check the official California and Vandenberg SFB hunting regulations.